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Unit 12 Managing Technology of Modern Construction

Unit aim: This unit is designed for Construction Site Managers, to give them knowledge of managing the technology of modern construction.

This unit has an Introduction and is divided into 3 study sections.


Section 1 Preparation

12.1.1 Purpose of Buildings
12.1.2 Structural Concepts
12.1.3 Components and Parts
12.1.4 Drawings
12.1.5 Site Investigation
12.1.6 Ground Stabilisation


Section 2 Construction Technology

12.2.1 Foundations
12.2.2 The Building Envelope
12.2.3 Floors
12.2.4 Internal Finishes
12.2.5 External Works

Section 3 Management of Construction

12.3.1 Ensuring products and materials meet the needs of the project.
12.3.2 Ensuring the project meets the designed objectives and requirements. 
12.3.3 Managing remedial work.
12.3.4 Systems to sign off the completed work. 

Unit Recommended Reading


Chudley, R. and Greeno, R. (2006) Building Construction Handbook, 6th edn. Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann


Books can be ordered from most bookshops or online from Amazon.


Before starting you should read the ‘Study Guide’ accessible from the link on the left. When you have done that return to this page and click on the ‘Introduction’ button above.

When you are working on the unit you will be able to access the sections by clicking on their title above.



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