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Unit 3 Managing the Quality of Construction Work 

Quality is not an easy word to define.  It exists at different levels, ranging from the degree to which components meet specification to the degree that the whole satisfies the customer.  It may be judged either in isolation or relative to some other objective such as cost.

Quality Control is the collection of duties which are performed to ensure that the product produced conforms to laid down standards. Decisions need to be made on the method of inspection and how quality is to be maintained.  This involves the setting of standards, monitoring the standards, assessing and testing.

Quality Assurance is the process of ensuring standards are achieved and maintained throughout production and delivery.  Consequently it means ensuring that the product satisfies certain criteria, these are: that they are fit for a defined purpose and that they conform to a specified standard.

This is the assurance that a product satisfies three criteria:

1.     That it is fit for a defined purpose.

2.     It has the ability to perform as required for a reasonable period of time.

3.     That it conforms to a specified standard.


In this unit we will look at the systems used to set the required standard for the work and in ensuring that this conforms to all requirements in relation to the materials and standard of work which meet the clients’ expectations. It will look at the methods which are used in ensuring that the systems assess and record the main aspects relating to quality of the work produced.


Please Note
All information contained in this study unit was correct at the time of writing but students should not rely on this for any other purpose than for this course as legislation and working practices are constantly changing. Students are advised therefore to continually up-date themselves as to the current legislation prior to relying on it in practice. 




L4-3.1 Identifying Quality 

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