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CIOB Level 3 Diploma
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Unit 3 Managing the Quality of Construction Work


Unit aim:  This unit is designed to meet the needs of Construction Site Managers, to give them knowledge of managing the quality of site work.


This unit has an Introduction and is divided into 3 study sections.


3.1.1 Defining Quality Control
3.1.2 Assessing Quality Requirements
3.1.3 Statutory Documents and Requirements
3.1.4 Conveying Quality Requirements
3.1.5 Financial Implications

3.2.1 Areas where defect are likely to occur
3.2.2 Quality Management Systems
3.2.3 Quality Plans
3.2.4 Testing

3.3.1  Sustainability Issues on Site
3.3.2  Protecting the Environment
3.3.3  Maintaining Environmental Records



Unit Recommended Reading

Harris, F and McCaffer, R (2006) Modern construction management, 6th edn. Oxford: Blackwell.


Before starting you should read the ‘Study Guide’ accessible from the link on the left. When you have done that return to this page and click on the ‘Introduction’ button above.

When you are working on the unit you will be able to access the sections by clicking on their title above.


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