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Unit 7 Improving Managerial Skills 

The task of management involves a number of aspects which have been looked at throughout this course under specific headings. To carry out these tasks requires a number of skills. In this unit we will look at those skills and at how they can be acquired and improved to enable you to become and more proficient manager.

The skills needed related to managing other, but before you can do that you need to be able to manage yourself. You will also need to understand the process of management, what that involves and how to do it, as this will enable you to get the best from people.

Another important aspect of managerial skills is the ability to communicate, something that is done through a number of mediums. In this unit you will look at communication and improve your skills at this.

We will start in Section 1 by looking at the qualities you should develop in order to manage people and then some of the skills that you will need to do that efficiently. When you are ready to commence you should click on the ‘L4-7.1 Managing Oneself’ link below.


Please Note
All information contained in this study unit was correct at the time of writing but students should not rely on this for any other purpose than for this course as legislation and working practices are constantly changing. Students are advised therefore to continually up-date themselves as to the current legislation prior to relying on it in practice. 



L4-7.1 Managing Oneself

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